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Myths and Misconceptions About Sex & Pregnancy

When people come to our center for pregnancy testing or consultations, they often share with us stories of how they thought they couldn’t become pregnant or why they thought they were safe. Many people share these misconceptions, which is why we wanted to look at some...

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Why to Visit Us

You should visit Northtown Pregnancy Center in Buffalo, NY, if:  You think you could be pregnant  You are facing an unplanned pregnancy You are considering abortion  You have decided to pursue an abortion We offer confidential and professional medical services to...

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Pregnancy Help for Teens

I Think I'm Pregnant - What Do I Do?   An unplanned pregnancy will bring a rush of feelings and thoughts about your life and what you should do next. You’re the only one who can decide what to do with this pregnancy, and Northtown Pregnancy Center can help by...

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Thinking About the Abortion Pill?

When you become pregnant unexpectedly, you might feel like you don’t have any options or like abortion is your only choice. Before you visit an abortionist, make sure you have all the information you need in making this important decision. How much do you actually...

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Abortion Procedures by Trimester

Many women with difficult circumstances see abortion as their only option when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy. Before you move forward with any choice, you should educate yourself about the different types of abortion and how each of them are performed. Not all...

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